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GUESS WHOS BACK? ITS WADE! Hope you enjoyed this Uno Online Gameplay Video! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you aren’t already! its very much appreciated 😀

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For those who were wondering what to call me, these are all acceptable! 😀 — Jp Jpw Jpw03 Jpw032 Jeremy and Jeremiah


  1. Yay! An upload by Jpar! I'm happy now. PINEAPPLES!!!

  2. Yay! More Uno! This series is so hilarious! I'm glad you guys are playing more of it, and I love seeing it from everyone's perspective to see who can screw over who and how. It's awesome 😝

  3. "And I'm the screwed one here now" Jp 2017 👏👏👏👏

  4. Nice vid Jp! I hope your having an awesome day!!!!

  5. JP you are THE BEST. Love your videos. You are good and funny and that makes you PERFECT😍😘

  6. I just realized I have the same chair as jp

  7. "Go out and get a nice browjob" ~Wade 2k17

  8. Thank you for the great video JP! I love it and appreciate it

  9. Ya that did sound a little creepy but that was nice of gar to try to make you comfy. Bro Job- Wade 2017. The one time you would of won a challenge and you don't do it. Aw darn good try jp. Well I hope you have another day in paradise and I hope the rest of you do too!!!!

  10. 11:40 the Gar bottle of skipping rage is filling 11:42 aaaaaaand it exploded.

    looks like it could last for only 2 skips 😀

  11. Jp your 18? You're so young you need to find a way to get back at wade after this game 🙂

  12. these videos make my day.
    My day went from horrible to enjoyable, thank you jp

  13. Pat puts +2, Its ok he cannot do anything
    Gar wins with +2 😂

  14. Do you have a recommendation on how to talk to someone you like without getting too nervous? Since your a guy I figured I'd ask you, I only have one guy in my life but I can't talk to him without being awkward 😂

  15. Hey Jp, what do you call a semi-cool vegetable?

    A RAD-dish 😉

    pls appreciate me thx

  16. Jp do you have a minecraft server? If not you should make one, i would join it and if there were ranks i would donate

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