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I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wade so mad at F$*KING BARBARA!!

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  1. Ok this whole time my boyfriend thought Barbra was an actual person 😂

  2. I always played uno so many times and I enjoyed watching it

  3. I love how much Barbara screws over Wade all the time and at the same time gives wins out to Mark and Bob.

  4. 2:52
    I like how the design on mark’s shirt
    Mark’s microphone lines up with the cards

  5. "Enjoy your 9 cards" should be the sequel to "Please deposit 5 coins" XD

  6. Does anybody know of the soundboard that marks using and where I can buy one???

  7. I’m writing this comment to mark the 100th time watching this unashamedly!

  8. Bob called it Barbra did give mark the victory.

  9. wade screaming "BARBARAAAAAAAA" so violently has me dying

  10. Mark: Just laughing and playing back recordings of him saying U rite
    Bob: Depressed stoner who's just trying to have a good time

    Barbra: >:)

    Wade: B̶͕̩̳̝̳͐͊̈́̉̾̌̄̓͑͟Ȃ̶̛̮͈͖̠̝̜̥̺͔̓̾R̵̡͖̯͇̲̱̜͓̙͇̐B̸̧̛̜̰̫͛̐̾̍͒̈̃̾̚͡͠R̸̥̳̲̫̥̭̗̲͔̥̲͐̓̄̑̄̈́̐̃̉͌̏̆̑͟͡Á̷̛̼̭̻̘̦̀̑̀͛́͂̕ͅĄ̶̢̤̭͇̦̤͖͉͍͈̦̳͓̒̋̋̈́́̚͡͝Ȃ̶̛̮͈͖̠̝̜̥̺͔̓̾Á̷̛̼̭̻̘̦̀̑̀͛́͂̕ͅĄ̶̢̤̭͇̦̤͖͉͍͈̦̳͓̒̋̋̈́́̚͡͝Ą̶̯͍͖͓̯͖̥͇͔̜͇̩̒̈́͒͌̏̈́͑̔͆̕̚̚͜͠͝

  11. POV: It’s 2022 and you got this in your feed.

  12. I would love to see Mark, Bob and Wade talk about Barbara on Distractible. It would be so hilarious and iconic.

  13. This whole uno playlist has been my falling asleep white noise. For some reasons the sweet sounds of wade screaming sooth me to sleep. <3

    As someone with insomnia having something that calms my brain and helps me sleep has been amazing!!! A bit odd to explain to others tho lol

  14. The sounds Wade makes during Uno are scarier than any Resident Evil boss ever.

  15. Am I the only one who feels like I've watch this like a million times 😅🤣

  16. 25:16
    Anybody gonna bring up the fact that mark said: "I just want Wade's f**ker on my lil thing here"

  17. Mark’s “what did I do?”🤣🤣🤣

  18. 11:56 that “FUCK YOU” is from when Hawkeye is in a shootout with Don Draper in The Town

  19. Best Quotes of the Video:
    -Not everyone's blessed with a regular or enlarged file
    -This is fucking Barbara's fault
    -You right!
    -Barbara's in my chat talking shit!
    -(Mark and Bob in unison) FUCK YOU
    -Eat a giant pile of SHUT THE FUCK UP
    -I just took the biggest dickens

  20. Legends say that wade still hates Barbara to this day

  21. It’s weird to hear Barbra because that’s my vr user

  22. This is fucking Barbara's fault:best mark quote

  23. I'm with you 100% Wade and Mark and Bob f*** Barbara

  24. 25:45

    Wade: Red's fine, it's a great color, just leave it alone

    Barbara: puts 0


    proceeds to have mental breakdown

    NoOoOoOoOoO!!! nOoOoOoOoO!!!!

    I sEt ThAt uP sO gOdDaMn pUrpOsElLy


    Bob: wheezes

  25. I love rewatching these, Wade is still mad at her 😭😂😂

  26. Wade: "WHY'S IT GREEEEEN!!!!!"

    Pwahahaha 😂 🤣 👍

  27. I just love how Mark used a voice recorder through out the video

  28. Wade getting pissed made me cackle like an old Mexican woman, but it eventually devolved into me guffawing, wheezing, and tearing up like a Vietnam War vet watching his South Korean neighbor trip and eat pavement.

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