Uno Wiiware Online Gameplay HQ [Gameday2011] -

Uno Wiiware Online Gameplay HQ [Gameday2011]

Gameday J
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Good Game Uses Wii Speak Also , Where Yall At ?


  1. i havent played this in for ever but ill add you today thanks.

  2. They have this exact same game on the App Store and Google play

  3. I miss this game so much. Especially with the Miis' funny animations:(

  4. It's too bad they ruined the original 2010 UNO with the new and improved UNO and Friends. It sucks :/

  5. if anyone homebrewed their wii or softmodded:
    you can use emuparadise and find the wiiware collection at the bottom and just download the UNO one!

  6. I Have This Game On My Tablet.
    Do You Still Have It On Your Wii and Your Xbox360?

  7. Me: I like this
    My mind: Uno reverse card

  8. Play in 2022 with Wimmifi instead of Nintendo WFC

  9. Purple Background Music is Blue Cloud, right?

  10. Me: 5:25
    Star99: Draw how many?
    Me: Eight!
    Star99: Look right here! Plus 2!
    Me: Well yeah… but 4 of them have been chained on top of each other! And 4 times 2 is…
    Star99: Eight!
    Me: There you go!

  11. JJPR: Jack Jensen’s Playthroughs & Reviews says:

    Looks pretty similar to the DSiWare version.

  12. I wonder how many people know this version of online uno existed?

  13. I feel the XBOX 360 had the superior version. This is basically a bigger version of the mobile port.

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