UNO / The ONE RULE You NEVER Knew About! -

UNO / The ONE RULE You NEVER Knew About!

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Did you know this rule? We bet you didn’t! In Uno, this is the one rule you never knew about!






Players race to empty their hands and catch opposing players with cards left in theirs, which score points. In turns, players attempt to play a card by matching its color, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile. If unable to play, players draw a card from the draw pile, and if still unable to play, they pass their turn. Wild and special cards spice things up a bit.

UNO is a commercial version of Crazy Eights, a public domain card game played with a standard deck of playing cards.


  1. This Game is a knockoff of a very old game played ( at least that I know in Spain and Latin America) with regular playing cards. It’s called “ Ocho Loco” ( Crazy 8) because the 8 card can change and count as any card. In this game if you receive a 2 and you have a 2 you can throw it and the next person takes 4 cards. Are you allowed to put a patent on a traditionally played game because then … any traditional game is up for grabs …

  2. Many questions.
    1-how is this rule accepted? If another person challenge me, they can see my cards and now know what I have.
    2-does this also work if say I have a special card like colour change? That I have to play that first before a +4

  3. Does the numbers on the uno counts as a points?

  4. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. should simply be: you can NOT play +4 card if you have the active color. no BS challenges

  6. It's not in all the rules…
    (This happened like 20 years ago, in primary school)
    So I read the rules of my copy of UNO. It had this rule described… So I managed to convince people sometimes to use the rule (it makes sense). But it was the 199x so everyone had a copy of UNO and I was making the pitch about this rule and there was another player convinced I didn't read the rules…me: 'no, you didn't read the rules'. So they gave me the rules and they were different from the ones I had at home… Not sure if they are different print versions or were some of the games knockoffs… Or was it the probelm with translations. (If you had a copy of uno that had German of English rules translated). But the situation was quite embarrassing.

  7. I still don't get it can anyone simplify for me

  8. Can you play a regular Wild Card (not +4) at any time? My family and I were debating this at our last game.

  9. When you talked about the I don't have green and then put +4 I immediatly realised it.

  10. Its literally on the paper rules but its so hard to explain to them 😂😂 they thought i made it up 😂

  11. This rule is quite stupid, because if you use the +4 card and you get challenged, the other players will know your cards, so they will know what to play against you. Even if you only have to show your card to the one who challenged you, there will still be one player who knows your cards. It's a quite big disadvantage.

    The only reason I can think of for this rule is to prevent you from keeping your +4 card until players next to you remain with 1 card, thus you not being able to stop them from winning. But would still a lot more fair than someone else knowing your cards!

    I've documented myself a lot about this game, and it seems that this rule wasn't always present and it's still not always used. So, I and my friends prefer to play without it. Not only it's a lot more fair, but it's also more fun.

    In Romania, we also have a quite similar game called "Macao" (don't know if it's played anywhere else, and which is inspired from which), that uses the normal deck (52 cards + 2 jokers). There are a few variants of this game too, but at no point any player has to show their cards, so it's another reason for us to play UNO without this rule.

  12. Thanks , now I know why the app keep saying CHALLENGE and opponent draw 4 + 2 = 6 cards

  13. This rule was made to balance the power of the Wild Draw 4, no doubt.

  14. idk why but when i explain them the rule they would get mad at me lmao they just say that the rule doesnt exist

  15. I stand with Israel 🇮🇱 says:

    I know this rule just no way to enforce it

  16. I knew this but people think its not a rule

  17. I didn’t understand this the first time I saw this in a game but I learned about this from a roblox game

  18. But in team game i sometimes don't have the color i choose but then also I lose challenge

  19. We actually never knew any rule of UNO we were playing it like GO FISH 😂😂😂

  20. ……..if I payed for it my rules how you gone tell me how to play my hand

  21. Hi , i have one question 🙂 Situation was : i had last card and player before me used this card to prevent me winning. But I’ve challenged her , but she told me that she still can change color . Is it right ?

  22. I challenge you to make an even longer video to explain something that needs 5 seconds to communicate.

  23. My 7 year old loves this game and would trip if she knew this rule 😄

  24. "If my opponent challenges me I have to show my HAND to him"
    You really going to expose your cards to the opponents?
    This is why I don't go for this rule.

  25. A lot of people should become familiar with official rules because it is buggy when they don't realize the RULES ARE TO BALANCE THE GAME. Who tf wants to play an unbalanced game? People get mad when you say "You have to put down a train one at a time because 1. we have to validate what you're putting down 2. You have to give everyone a chance to call your "Uno", which leads to 3. Always have your hand visible; I don't know when mofos started hiding their hand or holding it down, because when I was younger EVERYONE required your hand to be up so we can count how many cards you have. Playing Trains is the WORST; People don't know how to properly train numbers; THEY HAVE TO BE THE SAME COLOR, BUT A DUPLICATE NUMBER CAN CHANGE THE COLOR. This rule is so you can't just easily train numbers together, it makes training a challenge that otherwise wouldn't be much of a challenge if we're ignoring colors.

  26. I HAVE A QUERY that If 2 ppl are playing UNO one will draw +2 card and the opponent have just 1 card left which is a power card of +4, he/she draw +4 upon +2 and the other opponent have again draw +4 then the opponent will have to pick all those 10 cards Or He/she will win because they don't have any card left? (I think that he/she will have to pick up all those cards otherwise there's no Value left of those power cards we drew).

  27. Does it mean that we can show all our cards to them

  28. LOL!
    I've played UNO for almost 40 years & I never heard anyone one use this rule. NEVER!
    I only discovered it when I downloaded the app.

    It's just one of those house rules like free parking.
    Or one rule in my favorite board game CLUE which I absolutely hate & insist its not used.
    That would be when during a normal turn a player makes his suggestion and the person & weapon named are moved to the room the suggestion was made it even when the character moved is a player in the game.
    I guess i can live w/ using it as a tactic to slow someone down.
    But if the player was unlikely enough to choose the character who's the murder his game can be over before it starts.

  29. When I play the four plus and the person coming up next does not have the color matter fact they have to go into this pile and get a color. But yet I still get the hammer even though they do not have a + 4 or a wild card. How is this possible?

  30. Its a stupid rule.

    Hence why UNO is a fringe kids game.

  31. Not only did i know it but it paramount that it be played with that rule active

  32. But can you play it with out doing that rule?

  33. What about if i have a card of the same number but different colour to the discard pile ?

  34. i have a question, can i play/put card after i play DRAW 4 card after i declare color. example ; i play DRAW 4, next player must draw 4 from deck then skipped their turn then i declared RED, after i declared can i immediately put Red card in my hand.

  35. Actually, I did know that rule, but I always am honest with the card.

  36. Today I played my very first round of Uno, and the only cards I got for myself were a total of 5 including 2 reverses, 2 blocks(skip) and a +2 Card, its no wonder I won💀

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