UNO Switch Online - Uno now supports Friend invites! - Update! - Nintendo Switch -

UNO Switch Online – Uno now supports Friend invites! – Update! – Nintendo Switch

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NEWS: “UNO”, on Switch, now support Friend Invites!

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  1. It won't let me Invite my friend. We're friends on the stich and ubisoft but it doesn't show anything at all on the invite list. Any ideas?

  2. Yay!!! I can’t wait to beat you!! Going to be fun!! 😁

  3. Is it cross platform? Can I play as a PS4 player with someone that has a Switch?

  4. As My as A Youtuber.. Im Sad WELL THERE GOES 10.00$

  5. Can i do xbox one with ps4/switch/pc or only xbox one with xbox??

  6. So you can only invite people who actually own the game?

  7. I see you can add ppl but can you add ppl while in a match. Like if your friend disconnects can u invite them back?

  8. Can two people play in the same place against two other people in a different place ? Both in PS4

  9. This game just crash's everytime I start it worst 5 bucks spent yet.

  10. I’d love to play 🙂 shaehendrixx is my psn :))

  11. For some reason 2 out of my 3 friends appear for me to invite, my other friend doesnt appear on my invite list even though he has the game, why?

  12. But like how does one make friends because idk how to do that

  13. Me and my friend are trying to play but no ones names come up?

  14. how do i add friends on uno? i can’t find an option to add any 🙁 whoever knows help a girl out please!

  15. If I only have 1 friend join do I need to wait for 2 more friends to start up the match or will it make it 2 AI players til more join?

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