UNO RUINS FRIENDSHIP | Uno w/Mark,Bob & Wade -

UNO RUINS FRIENDSHIP | Uno w/Mark,Bob & Wade

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Who knew Uno could be such an exhilarating and hilarious game!

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  1. I always come back to this video when I’m having a hard time. Them playing uno just provides so much serotonin. This never fails to make me smile

    Can we get more septipliersquad content?

  3. saved by the bell makes more sense now than ever

  4. This a video posted three years ago. I'm lying in bed currently and have been crying for the past four to five hours with reasons I refuse to explain. I open YouTube and I find this video in my recommendations. It's funny. I managed to laugh. But I'm still crying haha

  5. Don't care HOW old this vid is…. 11:44 Seans little bounce of joy is still so frikkin adorable!!!

  6. For anyone that doesn't understand challenging, if you could play any card other than the +4, they win the challenge.

    If the card was a blue 4, if they challange your +4, if you could play a blue card or a 4, you draw 4 cards.

    If you could not play a blue card or a 4, then you win the challange and they draw 6 cards.

  7. The thing is during this I was eating a hot pocket

  8. 21:53 it keeps going back and forth over and over I can’t stop laughing

  9. I was revisiting some of the best videos that I remember from Jack and I actually almost peed myself laughing

  10. “I’d be down to play like 10 more rounds” plays a 20 minutes never ending round

  11. This video is just everyone swearing at each other 😂😂

  12. I can't stop laughing at this video. Its too hilarious

  13. Jack's accent is just hilarious in itself + he is naturally funny!

  14. God, i wish people would just not write stupid commentary in the subtitles.

  15. I really hate that you kept skipping the gameplay.

  16. Who knew that it can take 10 minutes to do 1 Uno match lol

  17. 12:09 Jack makes the exact same joke 4 years apart. Same tone, same everything

  18. Challenge is having tge same color as the opposite oponet . They will draw cards if they dont have the opponests color or card

  19. Everyone: Watching this vid normally when it came out
    Me: (in 2021) No, I don't think I will

    (For all of you non-fans of Marvel, that's what Captain America said once lol)

  20. Don’t lie this is one of the funniest videos of all time

  21. Every time someone says f$!@ take a shot

  22. Easily one of the most iconic videos Jack ever made.

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