UNO | ONLINE MATCH Gameplay | Nintendo Switch -

UNO | ONLINE MATCH Gameplay | Nintendo Switch

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UNO | ONLINE MATCH Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

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  1. it show me when i go to online {we are unable to connect Ubisoft server} any help please ? in Nintendo Switch

  2. Why doesn't Uno for Nintendo Switch have the option to invite/join friends?

  3. I dont see invite send friends? Should be there set invite friend why!

  4. Patch 1.0.2 just released yesterday and it adds in functionality to invite friends to rooms you create. Private or public.

    What irritates me is that along with Monopoly, this was the SECOND incomplete at launch game they decided to release only to actually finish it through patches months after the fact. Basically Ubisoft has no problem getting people to pay for betas, and while it doesn’t sting too much with Uno being $9.99 it really burns with Monopoly being $40.00 with a physical release. Seriously, if a game isn’t finished, put it off until it’s done instead of giving us broken 20 minute load time software or a basic card game missing standard features for TWO patches.

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