UNO mobile gameplay from 6,784 coins to 68,165 coins (HUGE WIN)|fourstars. -

UNO mobile gameplay from 6,784 coins to 68,165 coins (HUGE WIN)|fourstars.

pro guys is a uno of the world shorts
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  1. i guess going in the "help" thingy makes you win

  2. I keep losing i went from 10k to 165 in like 6 mins
    Edit:now i have 88 im deleting uno

  3. You’re so lucky bro I can’t even freaking play a time because every time I freaking play I get freaking +twos and then I start like a poster of us for whatever I get and then someone else just played it all the way back to me until I don’t have any bra and I get like 30 hard and I lose all my stuff

  4. In 2v2 mode your teammate have a color and you have 2 to 4 colors and a draw 4 you win as well!

  5. Can anybody tell me how to play multiple cards more than 1 ?

  6. How i can get the jewelry in the game with out money????

  7. Why when I win I get like 1k coins when I lose they take off 3k WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. What is your in-game nick ( ID: ) for me to add as a friend?

  9. You're a little impulsive in these games xd

  10. the biggest win I got in uno was in uno wild mode x600

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  12. The Uno app host be cheating to make people loose.

  13. I can’t believe my mother’s phone have so less uno money than my father’s phone. Why!?😭

  14. Just a few days ago, I earned 8k and then 300k thanks to 200 coins and the coins I got through ads. Then I lost them all, one after the other. I used to play the game for fun, but now I don't enjoy it after losing all that money 🙂

  15. I play that when I was so mad
    When people are laugh then I will get revenge for the team

  16. Which Uno game is this? Mic available 😨

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