UNO! Mobile Game | Go wild x600 + Punch 🥊 (PLAYIN' IN A SECOND ACCOUNT) -

UNO! Mobile Game | Go wild x600 + Punch 🥊 (PLAYIN’ IN A SECOND ACCOUNT)

Saltys of Uno And Gameplays.
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  1. This is for people who can find themselves in this: PLEASE! IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY DON'T GO ON 2V2 MODE AND BET HIGH! So many people come there and they can't play as team or they don't know which card to play to make it easier for their teammate. It pisses me off, if you are not ready for that don't ruin someone's chance. Bet lower until you are ready for the big fish. I always just pray "Please let this one be good player or at least a team player". But no! I end up with some.. Before someone tells me "Just play as single", DUDE. There is a bigger chance to win as team, as a good team. And I like to play as a team. Too bad there are people who just want to get on higher level over someone else's back.

  2. Ugh, stop please hitting bombs, because it's very rude!🚫💣😠😡

  3. I don't like bullies even if they're a pro..🙄

  4. 21:39
    In spite of being friends with Miss UNO, you are throwing eggs and bombs. It's funny😂

  5. 수고했어 마지막이 최고였어 폭탄이 너무 좋아😍

  6. I love ur videos plz do more u r so gooood

  7. why did you throw bombs to your friend at the end

  8. juego x100 y pierdo todas mis monedas pero juego uno desde facebook

  9. je n'aime pas partir mon l'argent. et vous comment fait beaucoup de l'argent dans le uno? ❤

  10. I have a question about how to block the last card so that he draws cards

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