UNO FLIP - Xbox Series X [4K] -

UNO FLIP – Xbox Series X [4K]

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This is an odd match for sure lol. First time playing Uno Flip, and it’s pretty entertaining. Match was ended premature because it locks up at the end. Kinda weird.


  1. Damn, this definitely looks way different than the Uno game from the old 360 days. Used to have hella fun playing that, would get a lot of weirdos putting weird shit on their Xbox cameras. One dude had the camera focused on his Rottweiler the whole time. Did get to see some titties one time, was a chubby chick but hey, tits are tits

  2. How are u able to play uno mine keeps freezing

  3. They removed that intense music unfortunately. It was my favorite UNO Flip theme.

  4. This player always forget to shout UNO and seems doesn’t know how to play well..

  5. why did you didn't call uno

  6. 22:49 Glitched animations, all motion has the (card jump-in effect) due to the jump-in in the previous round.

  7. How in the world are u playing this on series x ????????? Please tell me

  8. Is there a way to play with 2 people? Not 4 people? That's so weird…

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