UNO అనుబంధ సంస్థలు Online Class-1 | GROUPS | UNO Regional Organizations | Shine India Academy App -

UNO అనుబంధ సంస్థలు Online Class-1 | GROUPS | UNO Regional Organizations | Shine India Academy App

Shine India Academy – Saeed Sir
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Shine India Academy App :
Shine India Academy as an institution is initiated and directed by Saeed sir. The ultimate inspiration behind the initiation of the institution is to bring awareness among the young minds about the competitive exams. The Institution is morally supported and guided by eminent academicians and renowned scholars. We offer intensive coaching and individual care for all kinds of competitive exams like TSPSC & APPSC(Group I, II, IV), SSC, SI, Panchayat raj etc.,

It gives coaching to the following courses:
1. Group 2 (most popular institute for group 2 coaching)
2. Group 1
3. SI
4. Civils (recently offering)
5. Panchayat secretary (Group 3)

Shine India is a family consisted of
1. Shine India academy
2. Shine India magazine (largest circulated magazine in AP and TS)
3. Saeed publications (highest selling books in the field of competitive exams published from Saeed publications).
4. Shine India is an incorporated company (shine India trend setter private limited)
5. Shine India Degree College


  1. Current affairs and GK legend our samba sir

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  4. Online education reformr shine sir
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    బిట్స్ రూపంలో ఇవ్వండి

  6. Hi sir new metireals apudu release avutundhi

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  15. Ento madi poor people as well as job chestu edo sadinchali ane vallaki me channel chala useful sir, nenu kuda andulo okkadni,

  16. 2014 july 14th sir …it's clear to the Hindu news paper …and also to the Google …

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