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  1. not to be mean but he named the video trolling on uno but he is just trolling himself

  2. Hey tewtiy in the words of the singer magic "Why you gotta be so rude"

  3. Reminds me of the last game of Uno I played. I think it took about an hour and a half.

  4. Downloading the free demo on steam for this, it looks super fun.

  5. Lol the funny thing is that on the first game Jerome changed the color to the Same color

  6. I have never played UNO with these rules. I always played it where you only have to draw one card if you can't play.

  7. Make it so you only pick up 1 card if you don't have a card to use rather then picking up until you can play. It makes games a lot faster and more entertaining. Love the vids!

  8. If you do 2 skips in a row you just say skip once cause you skip the other skip

  9. Jerome save the cursing for your real life channel I thought this was the family friendly channel

  10. Tewtiy laugh near the end of the video 😂

  11. Jerome…You Should Have Made The WebCam Small And Put It In The Empty Pic Spot

  12. That went from a half hour game to a 5 minute game.

  13. Lel what is this 30 min later this is pretty good

  14. Loved this, do more! You, tewity, vik and zerkaa would be awesome actually haha

  15. jerome doesnt understand stacking at all he litteraly had the chance to stack plus 4s and turn the game in his favor it even highlighted the card and he didnt understand

  16. I thought you can't win on power up cards in uno

  17. do the digimon mod lexplay plz or il unsubscribe

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