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Tik Tok Uno Win

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Part 2

How to lose your girlfriend 101 meme

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  1. Wait thats not how you're supposed to play the game though

  2. That's the funniest Uno thing that definitely didn't happen. 😉

  3. Il a pas gagné car il a pas le droit de mettre des +2 après des +4 n'y l'inverse.

  4. This is why i dont play this card game even online.

  5. Golly, how did he not realize the rules he broke here?

    Edit: To those in the comment section, PLEASE look up what can and can’t be done in Uno on the internet.

  6. My guy whyped out the whole universe

  7. One time I was playing uno and I had a color changing card and a red card so I put the color change card down said uno and said yellow (you might think that was stupid) the person next to me put a yellow card down then the next person switched the color to red. when it came back to my turn I put the red card down and I beat them all. No joke

  8. Her : " If i win i go through your phone"
    Him :

    (This isn't my comment i just saw this type of comment months ago )

  9. Its funny how he put a +2 on a +4 knowing u can't do that

  10. Did the same thing to my friend once, he uhhhh… did some bad stuff.

  11. Her face at the end tho was like when u find a shark and a bunny at the same time but the shark is eating the bunny

  12. This is against UNO rules, throwing a +2 does not skip their turn

  13. This is what happens when you keep doing draw 2s or draw 4s in 2 player uno

  14. Ummm, if you lay a plus down and you have another, you gotta wait for the other to either grab the cards or put another plus down

  15. That's not how it works if u got x2 or x4 u just need to put 4 and if she doesn't have x4 or x2 she need to take 4 cards bru

  16. It would really be weird to get a deck like that without a script though.

  17. Plot twist: the phone notification at the end was her side man, cause she’s breaking up with him over this

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