This video is nothing but chaotic UNO energy (UNO Funny Moments) -

This video is nothing but chaotic UNO energy (UNO Funny Moments)

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UNO is back and more stressful then ever!
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  1. "I don't know why I keep coming back to it" because you get the most money from uno

  2. 14:50

    When you and your best friend didn’t talk about it first but you’re on the same bullshit

  3. SMii7Y needs an inhaler at this point XD

  4. How would uno go if he had the goose during the game?

  5. "you Dr strange headass" begins at 6:58, for anyone that may be looking for it- because I definitely didn't just spend 2 hours trying to find it in every other uno video but this one

  6. YOUR A YOUTUBER, ITS YOUR JOB TO SUFFER FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT! MAKE MORE UNO VIDEOS! (jk we luv ur videos keep up the good content.)

  7. Kinda weird the intro and Smii7y calling me out like dat

  8. He has a Pansexual hat- has anyone noticed? Like on his of thing

  9. This is weird because my name is also Eli so when ever someone says Eli I feel like they are talking to me.

  10. I found your vid’s from issacwhy 💀he didn’t promo them but they were everywhere under one of them and ur vids are good so now I watch them

  11. “It sounds like the paperclip guy keeps popping up on my screen”
    Me: Damn you’re old

  12. please keep coming back to uno, it's the most fucking hilarious shit

  13. I got an ad and the voice was joe Swansons voice

  14. One of my favorite moments is 7:37
    "Oh so it was Eli!"
    "Eli you fuckin Doctor Strange headass did you pause time?! What the fuck is this?!"

    also why do you hate it if you laugh at it so much??

  16. UNO w the boys is.. the funniest stuff. gotta keep playin it.

  17. Bro smii7y is not very good at uno

  18. I mean half of it isn't really skill based..but the part that is…he got some stuff to work on.

  19. Don't take it the wrong way though smii7y your still my favorite youtuber

  20. Hey @Smii7y please could you share the link to this uno game with us? Thank you💜

  21. 7:40
    ”Eli you fucking Doctor Strange head-ass did you pause time?”
    Funniest shit I’ve ever heard SMii7Y say 😂😂

  22. This really does seem like one of those channels that you binge but you never subscribe to.

  23. "His name is Al"

    Fun fact, my name in high-school was Al and we had a play going on my senior year called would you let an AI (the computer prgram) right your script, and everyone always saw my name instead of artificial intelligence so for the rest of the year they never said AI they always said my name

  24. the teamwork on the +16 got me crying of laughter💀

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