The perfect Uno hand! 🤯 -

The perfect Uno hand! 🤯

Justin Flom
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  1. You’re not allowed to play the wild card as your last card, look at the rules🫠

  2. He actually lost. He played a wild, called no color and played another card on her without knowing the color he wanted ws what she had. Next once you play a second reverse card it goes back to her not him. Read the rules folks.

  3. Wouldn't work with our uno deck. It comes with wild cards that allow us to write a rule on them. On those, the player changes color, and then everyone passes their hand to the left or right depending on the card. That throws everyone off. It's hilarious

  4. ye wrong rules… since when you have another turn after the + cards?

  5. A wild card does not give you another shot. Maybe she picked up a draw 2

  6. I do this to my kid all the time 😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Imagine losing your house to a dirty fucking cheater!

  8. This is exactly what happens when me, my sister, and my grandma play uno. It always ends up like high-stakes poker!

  9. The uno reverse card doesn't turn it back to you though… 🤦🏻‍♂️
    There were also a few other things wrong here, but that was the most stupid of them

  10. Wild dosent make the other person skip a turn

  11. These scripted videos are so played out acting is terrible

  12. 😂 That's why I don't bet. Now we're shes going to sleep

  13. Very against the rules but also work on those acting skills.

  14. Learn to play the game she would have won as soon as you put down the regular wild and said yellow cause she would have gotten to play before you did you only skip her on reverse,skip and the draw 4….not the regular wild…

  15. Learn how to play uno on wild only changes color not gives ya right to play again. Worst mistake can't end game on a power card

  16. This isn't real. Because if it was he'd would have bet the loser takes their shirt off – at a minimum.

  17. A wild is a turn so basically that wouldn't work

  18. Hey if they accuse you of cheating just use an uno reverse

  19. House rules aren’t regulation. This is not how you play uno

  20. Are used to like watching these guys, until i watched an entire video of preparation and shit talking, to only get three seconds of “why does that even matter?”

  21. yeah his turn ended after the 1st wild card, since it wasn't a draw 4

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