The perfect Uno hand! 🤯 -

The perfect Uno hand! 🤯

Justin Flom
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  1. She said “house” and you didn’t jump all over that bet ?!?

  2. Can't stack a draw 2 or a draw 4 on top of another to compound the total number of cards drawn. That's in the rule book

  3. that not how wild works they don't skip you turn unless it a draw 4

  4. This scenario is only possible if the game is Bullshit Uno.

  5. Dude literally made up at least three of his own rules in this scripted "game". Setting a wild card doesn't mean you get to play another card, the wild card is your play, the other person sets the color you declare, not you. Wild draw four works the same way. Dude played a skip on a wild draw four, not only couldn't he play it, if he could, he skipped himself.

  6. Technically she still should of played her hand no matter what card she had because he didn't choose a colour after her played his first wild card

  7. If you put a reverse card followed with a wild card it is the other person's turn if it is not a draw four. Depends on the color that he calls he probably lost

  8. does a wild actually skip the next players turn I've been playing uno for a while now and if that is a rule then i had no idea

  9. In online Uno, many of those simply skip someone's turn other than the skip card itself: the +2 card and the +4 wild card. The regular wild card and the reverse card don't skip, though.

  10. But the rules on UNO say you can't end on a wild, skip, block, reverse or any plusses so L bozo

  11. haha that so dumb. Using the reverse doesn't reverse it back to your self !!! lol it technically goes back to her. either way left or right it goes to her. Dumb!

  12. You can't finish on a special, how you script this and still do it wrong

  13. lets see what happend befor they hit record may be grabbing the exact cards they need

  14. Reverso g doesn't give you another turn, it makes the turn order to run the other turn… Since there's only the two of you, reversing only makes it so that you have one less card. Because no matter whether the next person who plays is to your left or right, there's only two people playing. So you reverse… and it's now her turn anyway…

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂 oooohhhhhhhhhh😅😅😅😅😅😅

  16. Tell me you don't know how to play uno without telling me.

  17. Reverse, doesn't make you go again. Instead of going right it goes left and vice versa. Reverse isn't a skip. You lose pal.

  18. Yeah totally scripted and regular wilds dont skip turns bruh read the rules.

  19. He so can't play the game that way. You can't change colors and automatically go again. Unless SHE doesn't have the color you changed it too. Bad acting. And wrong rules.

  20. He cheated. Reverse to me, then he played a wild card. Declared it was yellow and then put down a reverse which was illegal because it was her turn. She would’ve play the yellow card and one. Cheating

  21. Come on man evry1 knows u can't go out on a wild

  22. That's when she pulls a gun and says in the most perfect red neck accent, "Yur a damn cheat!"

  23. The wild doesn't skip her. It was her turn after he put down that first cards

  24. This dude would be asked to leave my uno game for not knowing how to play uno

  25. How do these ppl have followers ppl get a life

  26. How do these ppl have followers ppl get a life

  27. Nope, cant end on a special card. Draw four.

  28. Nope, cant end on a special card. Draw four.

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