The Most Efficient Way to Lose at UNO -

The Most Efficient Way to Lose at UNO

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This was a bad idea. And I thought playing UNO was the worst idea

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  1. Why does byze profile picture matches when he draw cards🤣🤣🤣

  2. What is the controller bit is it just annoying to them or

  3. Got an ad for that eggplant color match… The colors were red and green… The plant said, "add more black, I'm not that blue"…. That ad went poorly

  4. I love how they know there’s some of us that fall asleep to these videos lol

  5. Smi77y talks about getting a hair sponsorship. Well! Let me tell you about KEEPS!!!

  6. 17:27
    John: “What was I gonna do? Play another blue card so he could just play his blue and win?”

    Funny thing is, John kept a blue 1 he just drew, something Smii7y had as well and could’ve jumped in on, therefore he probably could have saved the game if he had played it.

    John’s fault

  7. If anyone wants a real challenge watch one of his videos while in study hall. Good luck😂😂😂

  8. i just opened this video to the part where he is talking about someone tuning in half way through must have left it at that point last time

  9. Anyone else realize that smii7y had a 6,5,2, and a skip and those we're the next cards played once he got them

  10. Man's using Instagram add music in his background

  11. I woke up and I swear I fucking heard a fart in the middle of this video

  12. lmaoo this has to be the funniest uno video istg

  13. I still love coming back and seeing him show my hand choking Kermit

  14. at first i thought the controler vibrates were a adult toy

  15. You know they a real one when they still talk to you after a "casual" game of uno on the holidays.

  16. My best friends almost skinned me alive after the 3rd +4, thank you for your guidance!

  17. Do one where noone does anything but pick up until everyone is on 50 cards or more

  18. This is a difficult situation that I don’t personally agree with but I can see the other sides, the mother fails to realise the consequences of bullying, bullying can lead to major depression and anxiety which can lead to suicide, and another issue is there’s a chance the kid might start acting around her mother due to not trusting her because she was set up by her to be bullied. And the bullying won’t stop when she’s fixed her hygiene since kids are ruthless and will constantly remind her. In the mother’s defence, yes this was a difficult situation but other routes could’ve been taken, she could’ve spoken to the kid on why she doesnt want to shower and what not. And if it wasn’t a clear answer, explain why she has to and make the showering days into a schedule and be reminding on those days and if she refuses, tell her the consequences if she doesn’t shower, wether telling her that people will mock her if she doesn’t or add some sort of reward for if she does (eg maybe her favourite snack or something, nothing big, just some sort of motivation to do it) and just other routes could’ve been taken to help. I’m a British person so I would say get professional help but that ain’t free over in America- and of course the father’s view, he had every right to be mad and it’s ironic how the mother got upset at “hurtful words😢” from him when it likely won’t compare to the amount of “hurtful words” her daughter will hear in school now. My main recommendation to fix this whole damn mess is either send the daughter to a new school or home school her, because it’s likely things will escalate on her mental well being and it’s best to not take that risk.

  19. 19:50 why does Anthony’s scream sound like the Tom scream from Tom and Jerry tho 😂😂😂

  20. Yo I'm losing in uno every time so thank you so much! 😃😃😃

  21. Poor Smitty wanted to ruin his friends time when in reality he got his time ruined

  22. You did it to yourself really, laughing sinisterly in the last round when you could haveplayed a pokerface

  23. How does he not have more freaking subscribers he's the most hilarious YouTuber I've ever seen

  24. "That's barely one video, get your ass back in here" is such an underrated line.

  25. He should channel the power of +5 Orange, but in regular UNO.

  26. Bigjigglys profile pick looks like a bowser face fr9m that one Mario party game

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