The Most Depressing Game of Uno -

The Most Depressing Game of Uno

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this game is the bane of my entire existence


Friends in the video:




  1. took that fella round back to the water hole🤣

  2. "YOU HAVE UNO?" (continue this chain in the replies!)

  3. Don't know what's going on but Isaac's laugh makes this enjoyable.

  4. We play uno flip at lunch time with a big group of people and every person had a +5 card but not one person and they got like 50 cards

  5. if someone actually would get a +100 it would be over for the guy who got it

  6. softwilly prob cried himself to sleep. smh tsk tsk

  7. 6:24 uhhhh there is literally a 5 you could of played and yet you still drew and raged for nothing lmao

  8. Bro what is the intro from I’ve heard it somewhere

  9. nick quitting at the very beginning and never returning is the most legendary ragequit in uno history

  10. OWL DUSTY WAS IN THE VIDEO @Vanossgaming

  11. Is that fluffing angry birds music in the background

  12. I saw the thumbnail and raise you… everyone having at least 30 cards from stackin each other

  13. Someone should make list of games that breaks friendship and uno should be in the list

  14. Bro who is grunlk?!!?!??!!?! I want him in more videos

  15. The title card said +100 this is infact a lie and never happened

  16. 1:02
    “Cuz imma steal my cards back, stink ass
    i need to use that phrase more in uno…

  17. Imagine you were playing a casual game of Uno, then out of nowhere other players stack draw cards and then you getting hit with a 24+ draw

  18. Just add a switch cards card and transforms into get all the card and make someone’s day a nightmare

  19. Calling cap on the thumbnail. No fucking way someone gets a +100

  20. this isn't discord but a plethora of you wanted me to upload another uno video so here you go
    more content soon <3

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