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You like cards do you… WELL THEN HAVE ALL THE CARDS YOU WANT!!

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  1. I would pay anything at this point to see Markiplier play UNO against VanossGaming

  2. Blue is the color of winter red and green is the color of Christmas

  3. 8:37 he did infact only play 3 cards for the entirety of that round

  4. I love how you can tell how many cards wade draws just by listening to the amount of swears he says during it.

  5. “Have you ever seen white snow” 😂

  6. wade and bob: how dare you
    me : laugthing to die XD

  7. Mark just anted to play with friends, but he chose the wrong people to play with… 14:51

  8. My most favorite Bob quote: "See Wade this is why nobody likes you." Just straight up tells it

  9. Who else keeps coming back here because it's fucking hilarious

  10. Can you please play fnaf world just for shits and giggles

  11. Tbh I was laughing too Mark. You're a funny guy.

  12. Wade: "Wait 'till you see what I got!*

    Mark: "I know what you got.."

  13. Between mark bob and wade I like babara more

  14. Everyone always says uno has no strategy. In my experience people who think that will lose. In fact uno has tons of strats and because I know this and use them I win 95% of the time.

  15. Mark only played 3 Cards the entirety of the 3rd game and was skipped 6 TIMES!

  16. i love how we all seem to be coming back to mark's uno videos. nice to see ya, buds!

  17. 17:37
    Wade: play your last pathetic card Mark so I can end this…
    Mark: my hand has no pathetic cards wade… but it does contain… THE UNSTOPPABLE DRAW 2
    Wade: AH!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!

  18. Last thing I heard before the add played was wade saying: listen, we’re dicks!

    Thanks YouTube! :3

  19. I mean Wade’s not wrong. Blue, White, Silver, and Gold are secondary Christmas colors behind Red and Green.

  20. "Blue is the christmas season"
    "What? no. Christmas is literally red and green"

    Well, Blue would be the colour of winter, and the Christmas 'Season' would be winter – Season, not period – so a little misunderstanding but not wrong on either side

  21. Why is this not pissing me off and I'm not even playing

  22. If Wade were born into a royal family, I think he'd be King Geoffrey

  23. "Blue is great! Blue is your mood, blue is your… Balls- blue is a great color!"
    Wade, mastermind of words

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