STOP SKIPPING ME WADE! Uno Online Part 4! -


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WADE I SWEAR STOPP ITTT!! Hope you enjoyed this Uno Online Gameplay Video! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you aren’t already! its very much appreciated 😀

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  1. How is he so bad at the 4 plus cardIt’s so simple I don’t get it

  2. Aww poor Jp. you didn't deserve that.

    (you forgot Gar in the description)

  3. thank you for making my day 10x better with this uno video.  (o^^)o

  4. Me: Hmm I don't wanna be productive with my day yet, why not watch Jp play Uno? I haven't seen any videos of this, so why not?
    0:49 REKT
    2:43 This is tragic
    7:36 No Wade you cannot
    15:27 I'm glad I didn't have my volume up there
    16:44 Is this the Atlantic Ocean? Because it's salty af over here
    20:58 what a savage
    23:30 Straight to the point I see
    25:10 Wants to say Pat is such a good guy/ Knows Pat is probably still evil
    26:14 Poor Pat
    Me: Was that worth it? Yeah 100%

  5. Am I the only one who feels pain whenever JP wastes a +4 card? ;w;

  6. Did Wade just make a fall out boy reference in the beginning?

  7. JP, you don't deserve to be skipped all the time. That happens all the time to me when I play Uno at school. They always skip me. Anyways, I was having a bad day then I saw this video. Thank you for uploading. You made me smile. Have a great day!

  8. Welcome to Uno where JP almost wins but then Gar, Pat, and Wade screw him up and he looses

  9. I love watching u guys u always make me laugh 😂

  10. just think JP, if you had kept that red three instead of the nine, you would have won

  11. As loud as JP is, I can't help but find it extremely adorable, and idk why

  12. poor jp he's like wade with Sèan, Mark, and Bob… they love having you there but your always the punch line

  13. This really fucking lowers my opinion of Wade he is kind a BIOCH

  14. This game of Uno gets even salter in each video XD

  15. does anyone else just switch between completely unrelated videos

  16. This kid screams too damn much! And the intro is annoying.

  17. JP has the most animated voice of the 4, would make for some decent animations lol

  18. I love how JP calm and trying to win. Wade always yelling. Gar hacks. Patrick just the calm one just watching the chaos.

  19. wade has no straghy when it comes to uno he just does the samething over and over when he has a 7, kinda lame to watch lol

  20. I’m on the video they thought you said pu$$y Instead of busy

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