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RAGE QUIT (UNO Funny Moments)

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  1. how are yall sayin shit from a year ago if the video came out today

  2. The way Smii7y laugh is like……

  3. 6:37
    Smitty: BO….
    Ad: * BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM* Arby's we have the meats!
    Smitty: OOBIES!!!

  4. WARNING: The Following Video contains Languages 
    that R Unsuitable for Child!

  5. An ad played just as he screamed “boobies” so I just heard “boo” and I nearly shitted myself out of pure fear and horror

  6. I saw rage quit and kryoz so lemme guess the ending…….

  7. Because Smii7ys audio recordings are recorded louder than other youtubers i watch, when he screams i want to puke diarrhea out of my ears. I love your videos dude, keep up the good work 👏

  8. With the ohm controversy it makes ohms actions 100 times more annoying

  9. No orange or purple……were going back baby

  10. Can we talk about how ohm predicted uno flip ahead of time?

  11. John was just like “Man fuck this shit”

  12. "There's no orange or purple…"
    Maybe he accidentally turned on Uno Flip! mode, and is now on the dark side of it? The colors heree are pink, orange, purple and cyan.

  13. Your uno videos arw great to watch while high

  14. Ohm is forever the most annoying youtuber. People give daithi shit but hes incomparable to ohms sheer annoyance

  15. Ohm predicted uno flip with orange and purple color shit wtf all seeing bs

  16. “I got news for you chief, there’s no orange or purple!”
    UNO Flip: and I took that personally

  17. SMII7Y – keep it PG

    Also SMII7Y 10 seconds later – WHAT the FuCk?!

  18. Did ohm predict the future of uno bunn ba ba oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh!!!

  19. Why does Smitty never choose the color he has the least of…?

  20. i had this game for 1 year but have no friends to play with

  21. Ohmwrecker be predicting the future with his orange and purple call outs

  22. Smii7y: theres no orange or purple
    Uno flip: are you sure about that?

  23. The awkawrd angry silence when kryoz drew like eleven cards 🤣👌

  24. I feel like that intro was a sneak peek into their UNO trauma

  25. I love how on John's side you can hear the keyboard smash

  26. Ohm is playing Uno flip years early out here with the “orange” and “purple” calls

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