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Owlette Plays Uno Online. (I won)

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I played uno online with my husband @SonicPrimeHedgieTheKing and @KazutoKirigaya13259 I also beat them 😂😂 I was laughing during my recording hope you enjoy this I’m very sorry for not Uploading got 4 weeks been pretty long while….

📥Download :

🎈Song : 샛별 – Sugar cookie /

피아노 악보(Sheet Music) :


  1. Lol Babe that was Great my love we did have a great time playing Together

  2. Hahaha, i cannot believe you beat me And Sonic Amaya, and i also ate your cards yesterday in UNO game during google meet lol

  3. Wow nice video daughter ❤ and congrats 😊

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