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사후 세계 /// Life After Death ►►

30 cards… Bob made me draw THIRTY cards in UNO… I’ve never experienced anything like this ever in my life.




Happy Outro ►


  1. My mom overheard Mark screaming “NOOOOOOO!!” and asked who’s doing that horrible screaming and I cracked up when she mimicked him XD

  2. "You Jesus Left Long Ago" -Markiplier, 2020.

  3. I love how Mark went from Uno to 30 in the span of a couple of minutes xD

  4. 27:54 pause here, I just noticed, Bob and Wade's flipside hands are mirrored.

  5. 19:40 Germany when the Soviets British and Americans start winning WW2

  6. They’ve played this mode 3 times at this point and they still have no idea what anything does

  7. Plus to plus to cancel reverse reverse reverse +4+4 boom broke iPad And they reverse so he can Just hear you lose and cry to his mum he's gonna be in because he broke his iPad hip

  8. Wade:Pass it on Archie

    Archie : Nope sorry


    Wade bob:laughing

    Archie after a few minutes: Umm you ok Markiplier

  10. Archie draws one card then says Ok I’m good

  11. Wade win it Archie

    Archie Ok Wade oh wait never mind

  12. They might want to watch out that panda 🐼 might know kung-fu

  13. im a cock im ready to rock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. I know a lot of time elapses in between these sessions and they play a lot of games, but it is wild how they without fail will forget how the game works every single time.

  15. What did he just start this video saying,?

  16. D4mn, I keep pulling reverse cards😊🎮

  17. I like how they could all legitimately check the rules if they wanted to with the “?” Icon on the side of the screen but none of them will ever do it and I don’t know how they can forget. What each card does I have 190 something games on my system and play a lot of them pretty regularly but not Uno and I still remember how to play Uno and what cards are they because I’ve played it on Consol and never once have I ever forgotten what cards do this is his own fault lol

  18. This bout the funniest episode I’ve ever watched

  19. Mark Should play Uno with a Heart monitor

  20. Mark and bob is like old married couple with their grownup child as wade

  21. My favorite parts of the video:

    19:40 The dispare is real 😭 😂😆

    21:44 "Let's go back to the other side, I hate this land." -Mark

    22:06 "You Jesus left long ago." -Mark

    29:00 This reminds me of when my 3 and 4 year old sisters fight! 😆 "AHHH HEYYYY!! x7" -Mark

    "Next time you'll pick your allies better Mark!" -Wade

    "That was last game!" -Mark

    "Looks like your chickens are coming home to roost Mark." -Bob

    "Yeah, your chickens are coming up your ass to roost!" -Wade

    "I'm done telling you the what for!!" -Wade

    "I don't have what for-s!" -Mark

    29:43 Mark and Bob They sound like 1st graders 😆

    30:33 "Was that an entire round where no one did any dumb bullshit?" -Bob

    "I was trying to but everyone got in my way." -Mark

  22. 1 like = one hate for mark for bullying panpan

  23. It's absurd how handsome you are Mark. Ya make my girly parts go Rawr XD

  24. I love how Bob sounded just like Flapjack when he said “ramifications of your actions” lol

  25. 21:25 There's only two fu**ing color's in this damn deck TAKE THAT ARCHIE

  26. Holy shit that part at 20 minutes made me lightheaded 😂😂😂

  27. 17:25 = beginning of “you shoulda membered” ; 18 cards

    19:40 = “just kidding!” ; 29 cards

    21:16 = “does now!” ; 30 cards

  28. 17:26 I could have sworn Mark said to Bob 'You shouldn't have' 🤣🤣

  29. 5:48 Idk why but something about the way bob says “Welcome to babuno” is really funny to me.

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