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For those who were wondering what to call me, these are all acceptable! 😀 — Jp Jpw Jpw03 Jpw032 Jeremy and Jeremiah


  1. for one thing JP I know that toster is don't a mean word but it made me laugh 😀😀😀😀😉😀

  2. Poor Jp… I always cheer for you. Even when you have the worst hand. And everyone tries to screw you over.

  3. 1:28 I love these insults
    5:04 This is literally the best
    13:42 Make it the color of y'all's tears
    14:48 What goes around comes around
    15:46 Poor Jp
    18:18 I'm getting so many emotions from this game like I can't even
    19:16 Jp just ended the game and then ended the video. GG.
    Well I'm gonna go relax now because this video stressed me and made me wanna rage myself.

  4. Poor Jp! Your always getting rekt by Wade! I hope your having a good day Jp!

  5. Wow gar your saying your FAM is poo worthy. Again love the monsters inc reference. 15 cards and no red that sucks. Toasters is a bad word JP? I think toasters are great they make waffles and toasty bread. Wade thats a little violent man leave JP alone. Well I hope you have a great day JP and I hope the rest of you do too!!!!

  6. JP, I always root for you, even if I'm watching a different perspective of the game.

  7. ah man, I wanted to see the rest of that round, TOASTERS!

  8. Jp allways gets fricked or causes people to get fricked I love it

  9. Awww jp your always screwed by wade I feel so bad, I hope you have a good day

  10. Hey jp I'm following you on Snapchat:) 🍍🍍🍍

  11. They screw you over a lot poor jp I feel bad

  12. I finally get to watch our videos its been 2 weeks it felt like months to and I feel bad for you at 14:52 plus im watching this at 1 a clock in the morning worth it

  13. there needs to be a CAH card called "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" lol

  14. JP, you need to pay more attention. if you have a choice between playing a card of the color you have the least of and a card of the color you have the most of, choose the second.

  15. you literally do not even think about what card to use do you? all you see is color then number you dont think about drawing for a card or getting rid of high numbers or using duplicate numbers nothing you just play like a kid well you are a kid but still use your mind think before you click.

  16. please learn to play it is so annoying watching you screwup the game over and over the only time you used your brain was when you didnt play the 7 to pass to the left its like watching a random click play bot

  17. aww! anyone else think Jp is adorable. especially when he says his "curse" words X3

  18. Everyone's so mean to him…it doesn't help that his friends don't seem to take him seriously…

  19. As an avid UNO player; JP! Play your cards right! You can wiiiiiiin!!
    Unless you do want to fvck things over lol

  20. luck is just not on your side jp is it?

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