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I want to UNO Flip off a bridge

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In-game of course.
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  1. I'm waiting for the next uno video to come out

  2. I played Uno flip a few times in one time. This one guy had half of the entire deck because he kept on getting +5.

  3. Who else is watching this 1 year later and still thinking it’s funny as fu-😂

  4. damn I also want to UNO Flip! off a bridge

  5. Shit always makes me laugh I should be asleep but I am laughing my ass off keep up the good work

  6. Snotty UNO is about the most chaotic fun one can possibly have

  7. Same I'd flip of a bridge if I got +15

  8. Matt moning into oou Frick 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. "smitty's gotta consult the archives before he plays his next card" 😭😭😭

  10. 6:47 I aways comeback to this video just for funny moments 😊

  11. 6:51 I want an animated version of this meme. I probably won’t get it, but I would be happy if I did get it.

  12. “I want to UNO Flip off a bridge”

  13. you know its gonna be good when you die of laughter in the first few seconds of a smi7y video

  14. Can someone tell me how do i play this game on a macbook?

  15. Worst time to scratch his nuts? Does he need both hands? DAMN!

  16. How do enjoy four people playing and flapping cord

  17. 16:27 Ba ba ba ba ba bwa ba ba ba ba bwaaa……….Six. 😂😂 I found waaaay funnier than I should of done 😂😂

  18. Bro really became the riddler from the batman no one had me dieing😂😂

  19. Top ten titles:
    Numero sinco: Smii7y wants to khs

  20. 20:48 i just think of the ___ or draw 25 meme, smizzy shoulda picked up a plus 5 in the first batch

  21. Uno new a call the mercy card Sunil Uno game

  22. Grizzy: Smitty imitates record sounds
    Smiity: what, what the fuck… Grizzy you better imitates record sound settle down

  23. 13:26

    Smii7y: ya might as well..COWARD

    grizzy: UH OUHH wat?

    Just had meh cracking up anyways have a good day🎉❤

  24. 12:14 bro really sounded like he was gonna say "parry the platypus?!?!"

  25. having the worst sore throat of my life but im still watching u and laughing and now it hurts worse

  26. Brooo take away uno and the title is me everyday 😊

  27. I love how the Editor’s just like “NO.” 😭😂

  28. 12:13 is my favorite part xD
    “It’s not like I fricking counted cards!”

  29. blarg:"funny moment #1" smii7y:"funny moment #2" blarg:"funny moment #3" smii7y: "funny moment #4" 💀💀💀

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