How to play Wild +4 and stop losing Challenge Everytime | UNO! Mobile -

How to play Wild +4 and stop losing Challenge Everytime | UNO! Mobile

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In today’s video I will show you how to properly use wild +4 and +2 in uno mobile so that when you get challenge or you challange someone you will win

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  1. Bruh why didnt he reverse it at the end smh

  2. How do u fix the bug thing?? It said inmatch while im in lobby plus I've been waiting for atleast an hour now.

  3. Hi
    Can anyone tell me how to send 2 cards to my opponent if he didnt shout out uno before playing second last card???

  4. Just small thing, all are playing this game. After they loose money, they have to buy with real money right. I already lost after buying coins every time. Please let me know your opinion

  5. Sometimes theres a strategic time to get the +6 on purpose like when you really need cards to counter like a reverse or skip!

  6. tolong jelaskan bagaimana cara mengetahui menang atau tidak saat ambil challenge

  7. How can you see your opponent’s cards?

  8. Hey, how do you challenge someone. People keep challange me, but I dont have any options to challange someone (what do I have to click) and also I think this year version doesnt have an option to decline it, you must guess it. Its so annoying.😢

  9. Oh my FUCKING GOD. It's so misleading because I thought the +4 wild challenge was for the color they changed it to. Oh my god Ive been losing my fucking mind because it made ZERO FUCKING SENSE. Thank you for explaining something these shit game developers failed to do. Fuck these people

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