How to Play UNO! Mobile for Beginners Tips and Guide -

How to Play UNO! Mobile for Beginners Tips and Guide

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  1. This is perfect for a novice player! Great information 💜

  2. It definitely took me a quick minute to learn all the new modes. Great explanation!

  3. Hey man, do you know how i can change the characters skin? I am man but in game my character is woman 🤣

  4. I’m going to add you. I love this game so far

  5. This game is sorse than real gamblimg, I Wish Mattel ceos a happy 2023 full of diharrea

  6. I don't Understand the +4 card challenge, I almost lose 100% of the time when challenging.

  7. Hey dude! I copied your ID! Please add me as a friend, my name is Hector and my avatar is a ghost! Thank you!

  8. Hi new here. What’s the purpose of charisma and popularity, etc? Also what does throwing eggs or tomatoes at a person do/mean?

  9. Can anyone tell me where to click “Got cha”? I can’t find button to click

  10. Im new to uno, how does "challenge" and "stacking" work?? 😅

  11. Heyy actually I'm New in this game…im so confused whenever i remain with my last card …i don't know how i endup with 2 extra cards can anyone explain TIA

  12. How do you send alert to change color or even say Hi ?

  13. How do u communicate with other players while playing?…

  14. How r some players able to the UNO Hammer 🔨 almost immediately ?

  15. How to chat or voice chat eith your UNO frnd

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