How Do You Play UNO Card Game
How Do You Play UNO Card Game

How Do You Play UNO Card Game

One of the best ways to relax with friends is to play card games. UNO is an obvious choice. It’s perfect for a big group (up to 10 participants). Besides, its rules are simple, the action is dynamic, and the process is fun. How do you play UNO card game? We’ve collected all you need to know in one place. Study the basics. And enjoy the free adventure online right in your browser or download it. In any case, you can always opt for the physical version with a real deck.

Gameplay Mechanics: Preparations

Gameplay Mechanics

First of all, choose a dealer. For this, each participant draws a card from the pile. The one who gets a piece with the highest points becomes the dealer. He or she shuffles the deck and gives 7 elements to each player. At last, the draw pile goes into the middle of the table. The lowest one is taken out and turned face up. It’s the beginning of the round. The person to the dealer’s left moves first, and the rest follow a clockwise order. The goal is to get rid of everything by matching either the color or rank. Check out the rules:

How Do You Play UNO Card Game Without a Card to Use?

In case you can’t make a move, draw an additional piece from the pile. If it’s not the right one, you skip. This repeats until you get what you need. Or until you lose. Remember to shout “Uno” when you have only 1 card left. If you forget and others catch you on this, you’ll have to take 4 extra ones. It’s frustrating, as it pulls you away from such a close victory. The match consists of several rounds and ends the moment 1 person has 500 points. Continue reading below for more details, or start playing solitaire!

Calculating Points

Calculating Points

When a player is out, all the opponents’ cards are used to the winner’s advantage. There are 3 types you’ll meet in the deck:

  • Wild (worth 50 scores). They allow you to change the trump color.
  • Action (worth 20 scores). These reverse the playing order or force the player to take more pieces.
  • Numbered (worth up to 9 scores according to the number on the face). They are major “elements” that drive everything forward.

Everything is calculated, and once someone reaches 500, everything is over. And the champion is announced.

Tips to Win

How do you play UNO card game in the most efficient way? Try to leave your opponents with more pieces in their hands. Observe their moves, deploy action pieces and make predictions. And it’s a good strategy to use the highest-ranked element per round. As well as the ones, of which you have 2 and more.

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