GTA V Online: Numero Uno Trophy/Achievement Guide! UPDATED 2017! -

GTA V Online: Numero Uno Trophy/Achievement Guide! UPDATED 2017!

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gta v online numero uno.

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  1. Looking for a boost group
    psn: big-mack486

  2. I need help, I am on the rally race and I need 4 people and for them to let me win. My PSN is Superawsome006 {awsome with no e}. Please help me

  3. How many players do u need to complete a rally race

  4. Anyone looking to boost? PSN: RZ6Musia

  5. Alguém Br pode traduzir oq ele explicou? Teve uma atualização desse troféu? Já fiz tudo e não veio

  6. Anyone want to do it with me? My psn: DARKHorizion1777

  7. Anyone want to help me boost this trophy?

  8. Add me on psn Coolcow64 if you want to boost

  9. Need help with Shooting Range Challenge … Add me i will help you too ! ps4 Gyziotis13

  10. If the game doesn't give you the trophy play with the second character.

  11. I need some help with everything, especially tennis, not a lot of random players stay for one whole set of tennis, my PSN is Yuncake, I'm available around Noon to Midnight PST

  12. Thanks for the tips, 9 holes of golf worked second time.

  13. On the rally race,I need to be the driver or the co-driver?

  14. can someone help me with the rallye race ? i dont find people.. add: "Alekandero" on PS4

  15. Can someone pls help me with this trophy, id really appreciate it. My psn is supermatt112234

  16. I need people to boost this trophy can anyone help me? My PSN user is: gabowesker2

  17. Any one want to boost on ps3 or ps4 let me know. psn: b4_rm

  18. Can anyone help me with the trophy? Psn: liljizzle408

  19. Anybody interesting in trading for this in 2018
    Doubtful. I've conquered all things GTA but this somehow I want my platinum.

  20. How wants to do Tennis and Golf with me? Add: rikkertjuuuu. Ps4

  21. Can somebody help me with 3 online trophies. (Backseat Driver, Numero Uno, and Midnight Club) Then I'll earn my platinum. If you help I'll return the favor. [PSN:Dillipic545]

  22. Hey I need help to win some races for the trophy add me Spyro2500-

  23. Its 2018 and i still need "numero uno" and "enjoy your stay" contact me on psn at "thegmanepic".

  24. Does Parachute work alone? I can see most of the game modes in statistics, but where do I see if I had won a parachute match and where do I see if I had won a 10 round survival thingy ?

  25. August 2018 need help doing all online trophies PS4 mnbasketballman

  26. Anyone wanna do it with me just let me know

  27. Message me on psn if u can help me w/ this trophy, i need 2 more for plat. My psn is jagdeep713

  28. Anyone here on ps4 trying to get this done while quarantined?!? We can help each other

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