GTA V Online: Numero Uno Trophy/Achievement Guide 2020!! -

GTA V Online: Numero Uno Trophy/Achievement Guide 2020!!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the tips bro and if you see this message in the future or not, I know, although the servers will be closed this year 2021. _., well to the point I did them all (including the 3 tests of the shooting challenge) but still nothing and at the end of the surrender form I went to the last team standing mode and won the game and was left to see that I I jump the trophy: v xddd, but hey that's my two cents in case it doesn't come out :3.

  2. Looking for people to get the midnight club / back seat driver / numero uno trophies for gta V I need help with it can if u need any of these I will also help u

  3. For those looking to obtain this trophy or achievement, it is impossible at the moment as rockstar recently removed parachuting and sea races from the game. Let's hope they do a fix for it soon.

  4. Right now it's impossible to get because they removed parachuting… I wanted so bad this trophy but I'm too late. I got all the others and this one is the only un attainable one. Fuck

  5. anyone still trying to link up for this? LMK if you are.

  6. Can someone help with all trophies just starting

  7. Still need help with this trophy can anyone help me

  8. You can do rally race with 4 friends can't you??

  9. Hey can anyone help me with this trophy? PSN – xxevilassassin32

  10. i can't seem to find the shooting range challenge.. help?

  11. Does Any body wanna run gta wi me and we can collect all the PS4 trophy’s

  12. Ps4 Dr-Dycanballs I need help with rally mode

  13. My PSN ID is ReadyRossGo
    I need help with this

  14. Anyone to help me to get this trophy??? My PSN id is NotJunior15

  15. I need help with that trophy or we could help each other. Sport events, deathmatch etc. I play on PS5. PSN: dariuszDS.

  16. Can someone please help me with this? I’m on ps4

  17. Quelqu’un pourrait m’aider je suis sur ps4 : MenzyX_Killed_Me

  18. To do this do I need to get platinum medals for all comp games?

  19. Let me know ,still trying to do numero uno,just need rally race ,hit me up and send reply ,on ps5 FuccingMxlxchi is psn

  20. Can someone help me out ps4 we can do it back to back

  21. Anyone try to help me out with this trophy on PS5? If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

  22. Does it matter how u play the races/activities/missions etc? Like for darts as long as u win with 1player 3for team death match & rally then that’s all that counts?

    I played through everything and didn’t write anything down but cud’ve sworn I did it

  23. Anyone willing to help me get the back seat driver trophy please?

  24. In my case I do everything inside this video but trophy only pop after i win


    and finally unlock PLATINUM

  25. Can someone help me out with achievement? And I'll help you.

  26. Add Porscherox911 to help eachother get this trophy (PS5 version)

  27. Just logged in and seen I unlocked it lol cool 2016 player so crazy I barely got it lol

  28. anyone need help with this trophy for help back?

  29. Do we have to get a hole in one for golf? Or just win one game?

  30. Can you help me? I repeated the tasks twice and I don't get the trophy

  31. Hi can anyone help me with the following. I will help in return.

    Numero uno
    Backseat driver
    Midnight club

  32. Im pretty sure you dont have to win an arena war and some of the things you mentioned

  33. Can someone help me with this please. I’m on ps5

  34. Can someone help I been trying for a month I'm on PlayStation

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