Getting DESTROYED by +4 cards in UNO! (UNO Funny Moments) -

Getting DESTROYED by +4 cards in UNO! (UNO Funny Moments)

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  1. came just to like the video because of the thumbnail

  2. That's the my best shit to watch drunk

  3. ‘Strategy’

    A lot of yelling until something productive happens.

  4. Does anyone know where to get this game? I cant find it anywhere

  5. I clicked on this again just for the thumbnail

  6. I was wondering why the posts were 1 year ago

  7. a grand total of 13 +4 cards were played in this round

  8. I wanna see this game from panda view so badly! Anyone knows of there is a video?

  9. "Is that a +4, or are you just happy to see me?"
    I need to write that down…

  10. This video but everytime there's a +4, it gets faster

  11. Where do you play this game?
    Also SMii7Y’s laugh is contagious 😂👌

  12. Yuuuup been 2 yrs and I still love this thumbnail

  13. They aren’t even completely mad when they get +4’d

  14. What in the actual fuck is this thumbnail

  15. Dom’s kink made an appearance for like 2 sec 😂😂😂 “spit on me make me dirtier” Jesus 😂

  16. It’s funny how jiggly and kryoz are yelling there soul out😂😂

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