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For those who were wondering what to call me, these are all acceptable! 😀 — Jp Jpw Jpw03 Jpw032 Jeremy and Jeremiah


  1. 15:2515:40 idk why that’s probably one of the funniest Wade moments to me on your channel

  2. i only clicked because i saw elmo and he is my hero.

  3. Is still waiting for another shirtless rage XD

  4. Hey Jp have you try to put a pen in a pinaple Lol

  5. wade I just want a little love and attention
    me: you have 1mil sub's

  6. Jp with the wins!! Even though Wade got screwed over so many times…
    Also, when Gar said "This is for Wade" he gave him his favorite finger… Just gonna leave it at that

  7. Aw darn that as so close at the end. Gg Jp, Pats so nice for giving you that win. I think its time for a #blameWade . Wades sadness makes m smile for some reason… he just make it funny some how. ;D Good Job salty wade you let Jp win again. Gg Jp. Well I hope you have a great day Jp and I hope the rest of you do as well!!!!!

  8. Wade complains but he was handing out so many dubs 😆. Wade got screwed over so 😂😂 much, but none of those contributed to anything. Thats overshadowed now because #BlameWade… even though it was it fault anyways — how did Wade manage to single-handedly (pûn maybe/maybe not intended) hand over wins in 3 consecutive matches?!? 😂 He is so lovably selfish, he +2'd Gar when the color was still red for JP

  9. A combination of JP's victory screams and Pat's dying of laughter had me dying of laughter myself! My makeup was even running. The one day I decide to not wear JP/Pat proof eyeliner Hahahaha

  10. it seems like Wade was confused the entire time xDDDDDDD

  11. And I thought that it was the gummy penis that really killed Wade's soul. Turns out it was this game of UNO! XD
    Congrats on the wins, JP!

  12. Today I had a really bad headache and stomach ache, I fell in the mud outside, and it's been raining all day… Good thing I have ur videos to cheer me up!! 😀

  13. I feel like there just abusing jp and he's so nice that he's just letting them

  14. your videos make me laugh every time.

  15. 3:49 In JP's defense…he actually played that like I would've, cause honestly there was no real way he could win with that hand, if he'd played the 7 then whoever he traded with would've used the +4 to change the color to blue, and well you saw what happened with playing the +4…so either way JP would've screwed himself, as J-PAR usual.

  16. Where in the living name of hecks can I get this game of Uno I want to play with my friends right now

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