E-Girl and her Simp play UNO online... - frazzledgames.com

E-Girl and her Simp play UNO online…

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. Remember that one vid where e girl finds out that Jim is nogla? (In cod)What was that song when she found out she was on the title? Pls tell me 😐😔

  2. I wonder if fred watched this video…

  3. Does anyone else want to pet archie really badly? That is legitimately the cutest cat drawing I have ever seen .

  4. Not going lie the people he’s playing with are really stupid

  5. Nogla and Fred

    Their story will go down in history.

  6. Awww 🙁 i actually thought it was the "E-Girl" from call of duty, the sugar daddy girl (sugar girl). Nogla if u find her, pls bring her back

  7. Daithi De Nogla's logic if he can't be an asshole to his friends he will be an asshole to random people online

  8. Nogla, I think playing with your friends that bully you is better than joining with these

    B I T C H E S

  9. Sometimes I have that feeling Nogla😅😅

  10. Nogla I absolutely love your editor, they are on point! Also love the content keep it up

  11. Sounds lonely without your buddies

  12. 10 out of 10 best feel good outro and music ever

  13. *Nogla when he's threatened with a +4, Nogla: No, YOU BITCH!

  14. nogla play woth egirl or as u say sugardaddy

  15. fredwolf12 is the reason there’s a time limit

  16. I came here thinking this video would be Aaliyah owning his ass in uno lol

  17. Six minutes in and he's already in the fetal position. Yep. Us no friendo's have to deal with this shit all the time.

  18. 0:39 Im playing with
    Also rick and Morty!!

  19. Plot twist: they could hear him the whole time.

  20. To be honest I thought it was sugar

  21. Roses are red violets are blue, I just got clickbaited and so did you.

  22. Wifu chan hahahaha simpie hahahaha

  23. Why did that picture of Brian (Terroriser) look like he was in a movie xD 4:05

  24. Idk why but when fred started having a heart attack I started dying laughing and couldn't stop and then now after thinking about I sound like a monster 😓😅

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