Arduino uno custom circuit - EasyEDA Tutorial -

Arduino uno custom circuit – EasyEDA Tutorial

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How to make your first Arduino uno based custom circuit with the online design tool EasyEDA. We will connect an LED with Arduino pin 3 and a button sw to Arduino pin 4.

ΝΟΤE: Capacitors are 22pF not 22uF!!!

My EasyEDA project:
Arduino code here:


  1. Thank you for sharing, I am subscribed to this recent channel. If you could answer me, please, is this 16Mhz crystal, in Easyeda there is only SMD? Because mine are the ones with two pins,😊👍

  2. what is the urgency of the resistor at pin 1?

  3. Ωραιος οδηγος απλα οι πυκνωτες θα πρεπε να ειναι 22pF οχι 22uF.

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  5. you cant upload your arduino code on this thing?

  6. Hey , good vidéo , i want to know where i have to put the code please i do all steps and i don't know where tu put the code , thanks

  7. Would be much better if you actually show this board then being physically created… Who knows if the design even works…? None of us…

  8. how do you upload the code on this ?did u put up any pinouts for programming it via programmmer

  9. I really wish they would make one that also incorporated the code. So I could literally code a project and try out the code and various component all from the same app 😀

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