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AHAAAAA!! Uno Online Part 5!

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Say it with me everyone… AHHAAA! Hope you enjoyed this Uno Online Gameplay Video! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you aren’t already! its very much appreciated 😀

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OUTRO MUSIC: Music: JJD – Harmony

For those who were wondering what to call me, these are all acceptable! 😀 — Jp Jpw Jpw03 Jpw032 Jeremy and Jeremiah


  1. lol y'all make this game more hilarious than normal uno

  2. lol y'all make this game more hilarious than normal uno

  3. go jp do it win do it for the picklesssss
    i like to eat pineapple 🍍

  4. Jp why end it there!!!!!!!!!!! And when will you do another fan mail vid?

  5. Wasn't that GMOD Murder game from a long time ago.

  6. JP, NOTICE ME!! Ps, in Friday The 13th, kill wade first. XD

    wish we can collab

  7. I like how it just ends with Wade's creepy giggles 😝

  8. Your reactions make this game 100 times funnier haha

  9. Never lesson to jp with headphones i am going def

  10. Never lesson to jp with headphones I am going deaf

  11. Before I watch this I pray for Jelly Pickles to win.

  12. JP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Says everyone always

  13. So.. how many people caught the grey poupon joke xD

  14. That as a great +8 challenge. Good job Jp for excepting the +4. #MakeItGreenAgain. I just like how everyone keeped playing the same cards you needed. Why does everyone always have so many 7s. Well I hope you have a great day Jp and I hope the rest of you do as well!!!!

  15. I sent you a friend request on Ubisoft Jp. My Ubisoft name is HuskyTech121. Maybe we can play UNO together someday!

  16. Jpw03 Please Play FNAF GMOD With Lordminion777 Pls

  17. JP making a paramore reference gives me life

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