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UNO Flip is here and it’s a completely new way to play UNO! It really turns the whole system on its head! Also it doesn’t quite work perfectly!




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  1. Bobby boy you would love my cats 😊 two are very social and the third is shy and harmless 😂 😁

  2. lol keep up the good work on the uno videos mark lol, I wanted to make a suggestion for a game if you're not to busy right know, could you make a cooking simulator part 3 please.

  3. Cloakbrand literally sells $50 t-shirts. I'm good, thanks.

  4. Uno flip is a real card game, like actual cards

  5. Mark's cam is always backwards so CLOAK is always BACKWARDS as well

  6. This is a random thought but bob would be joker wade would be Harley and mark would be Batman

  7. It does look like Lady from Lady and the Tramp

  8. "Can I just play a seven AND a one? Is Addition a thing in Uno Land?"

    It is in Dos

  9. The spurious t-shirt systematically try because bottom problematically chew underneath a humdrum billboard. low, silly war

  10. Can we just appreciate how a Markiplier video only has 5.1K comments. Maybe, I'm blind or somethibg

  11. Bob: don't buy any cloak
    me looking at the cloak Brand store hmm? You say somethin?

  12. Mark we love you but cloak brand prices are absolutely absurd especially when every piece of clothing is free advertising for you with cloak written on it in big letters

  13. I love Wade's "uh oh" in the background as Bob and Mark are talking about stocks at 7:02, I don't know why

  14. Bob: Hey, look at this, a plus twoOOOooo
    Mark: A plus- wait whattttttt?

  15. The skip card is litearly the card of infinite skips

  16. For the stack cards I think u have to draw till you get the color selected

  17. It bothers me how they don’t understand the weird stack car with all four colors is a draw card…so when you pick a color, the next person has to draw until they get the color that was picked. If you decide to challenge that adds 2…cause they talk about it then immediately forget

  18. Ay blyat uno flip is oh so super confusing

  19. "Could I just, play a 7 and a 1? Is addition a thing in this game?"

    *Dos enters the chat*

  20. Mark: you send me sizes I get you cloak.


  21. Those cards lookin like a double wide surprise

  22. A double sided deck.. very different than a double sided.. ahem.. nevermind.. 😏😂

  23. i think the white draw ??? card is you draw until you get one of the selected color

  24. The faces mark made at the beginning at the vid remind me of the Britney Broski meme

  25. +5 is just 1 up from a +4 yet feels so much more powerful.

  26. The “deck” card is a friendship breaker 200%. It forces the player to draw cards as many times as they can until the colour that was selected is eventually drawn, even if it’s already in their hand. The challenge also works the same way it does normally.

  27. For a moment i thought Mark said Wade a minute 🙂

  28. when mark doesn't challenge, he actually has good cards

  29. The stacked alternate syble means you draw the number of card of the number below it.

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