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  1. I love it when the nice posture squad think 23 cards is a massive bomb deck…. I have actually had a 97 card deck in one game and it literally broke the drawing system… you can't draw cards at that point.

  2. jeromeasf the first round was 24 minutes and 45 seconds

  3. Jerome can you make minecraft modded survival series?

  4. Hey everyone one;
    ~ I'm willing to leave feedback on anyone's channels to help them out and grow!
    ~~ Us small Minecraft YouTubers need to work TOGETHER!
    ~~~ Like this to support us smaller YouTubers 🙂

  5. I had work today so I wasn't able to watch live but you always make me smile your the best

  6. Hey guys can you help me each 150 subs i like food

  7. how do you get uno? on the computer, I googled it and just spam. I's it really just uno and friends??? pls help

  8. Can someone send a download link for this game? Thanks anyway.

  9. Jerome pay attention to the game it makes me wanna stop watching you
    There is a reason why Preston will have more subs then you soon
    I said this only because i loved you more than Preston before

  10. Hey guys it's Novus here and I am a Minecraft and pokemon based commentary channel [I also play games you request in the comments, like subnautica and call of duty custom zombies], I upload daily and I would love it if you looked at my channel and maybe even subscribed, I didn't want to do this but since my channel hasn't got any exposure so please do me a favour and subscribe to my channel.

  11. Any one notice Jerome put two instagram links in the description

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