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Adam Dekell
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We hope you enjoy this 3 game uno battle.

Uno Cards: (paid link)

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  1. This just feels awkward how nobody was laughing when the other got draw cards😂😂

  2. I won my second uno game thanks to this video 1000/10

  3. I play more monopoly than my 108 uno cards

  4. Handshake after someone win

    That's so awkward😂😂😂

  5. U can not use wild and wild draw 4 in the last turn

  6. That's unfair, The guy on left dropped his card to start. it's supposed to be they get a card from the pile.

  7. 1:13 She already had "Red 3" in her hand so why didn't she put it on the table?
    Instead she gave the +4 with choice colour.

  8. Everyone I know, always plays multiple numbers and colours. But rules do not say that and these guys don't play multiples either. I thought it was OK if it was the same number AND the same colour. But these guys dotn do that, other people be like oh yeah it 4 green so they play 4blue, 4 yellow and 4red. Like wtf it looks as though they have made these rules up lol please confirm that this video is correct so I can rest my soul 😂

  9. I joined a cursed adopt me game in roblox and there was a noob that was called aLsO nOnE aS yOuR mOm

  10. I bought the uno game yesterday and played with my brother and dad and no body won the game yet

  11. I learnt that when your last card is a wildcard you can't close the game but had to throw a number first then a wildcard but here it seems so free.

  12. The people that are playing the game are such noobs They don’t know how to play probably

  13. Wait what rules are these lol 🤣 isn't there a point system?

  14. Bro What if there only 2 players playing and one player throws reverse card so would he will get his turn again,

    And If I put Red +2 card so can next player put red card instead of getting 2 card from deck

  15. I played uno cards but it's a small cards

  16. This is the best honestly the good explanation for 3 pointer game of uno 🙂

  17. Will u guys make more UNO games soon?Because I want to be better and have more of these vids❤!

  18. congratulations on winning player 2, and also made me play well a little thank you 🤗👍

  19. I didn't understand why the players were picking up cards again and again.. I just learned.. But I did not understand why they have to pick up cards

  20. There are many errors in the video

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